Start now with our Creator Studio.

With Creator Studio, you get access to our pipeline platform. Here you can manage your content, ads, collaborations and apps on the platform.

The Pipeline Creator Studio: Available for Android, iOS and as a web version

Advertising Manager

Place ads in our advertising network and reach the right target groups.

Create and place ads

With our ad manager, you can easily create and automate ad units. The ad manager was designed to be minimalistic so that you can easily create ads without any hassle.

Pipeline for Content Creators
Pipeline for Content Creators

Create and manage target groups

Create your own target groups to reach different user groups on the platform. With the target groups you define, you can market your ads even more accurately.

Editorial Administrator

Manage your content or automatically link sources with the pipeline platform.

Automatically publish content from sources.

Add sources to index newly published content directly. The content can be automatically released. This way you don't have extra effort on the pipeline.


Create own content for the pipeline platform.

Create your own content directly for the Pipeline platform. If you don't have your own blog, this is your chance to become active on Pipeline and build an audience.

Digital Marketplace

Do you offer your services to advertising partners or manage your requests?

Place ads and find new partners

On our marketplace, both content creators and companies can present their services and campaigns and find potential partners. Share with the network what you are looking for and what you want to implement.


Connect with potential partners

Manage requests on your ads or contact potential partners directly. Discuss further information or just exchange with them.

Statistics and Analysis

Get information and analytics about content, your profile and much more.

Always have the most important information with you.

We automatically capture the most important information for you and provide it to you with real-time statistics. The statistics can be accessed from any device at any time.


Automated Brokering with Deep Analytics

Through our keyword-based data analysis, we automatically capture the relevant content creators and influencers for your content marketing campaigns and provide you with recommendations and information based on your strategy.

Reporting and trend analysis

Get deeper insights and data analysis in the form of current reports and trend analysis of the platform. These will be sent to you regularly by email and additionally provided as a PDF download in Creator Studio.


Managing apps made easy.

Design and manage own apps with pipeline technology.

Step by step to your own app

Easily edit your app's logo, color scheme, and general information. Additionally, you can add new features to your app at any time.


Own Categories and Feeds

Configure custom categories and personalized feeds for your app. You can precisely assign which content is published with priority in which feeds.

Automated Push Notifications

With push notifications, you can reach your readers even faster and share important content directly. For example, you can automatically send urgent news of certain categories to users.