Welcome to our help center

Here we have summarized the most frequently asked questions with the appropriate answers. If we could not answer your question in this way, please send us an e-mail to support@thepipelinemag.com.

General questions

  • When will the app be released?

    The app is currently in an intensive test phase. The next major step is the beta test. This will probably run from December to February. During this phase, the app will be opened for more users, so that the reach will also continue to increase. The application phase for the beta test is currently running. The official launch of the app is then scheduled for the first half of 2021.

  • What kind of content is offered in the app?

    First and foremost pipeline is a magazine that offers mainly texts and articles in written form. However, this is constantly being expanded, so that the integration of videos (e.g. from YouTube) or podcasts is gradually becoming possible. In order to explain these to the users, a short description of the topic and introduction is necessary. This always takes place in text form.

  • Is pipeline free?

    Yes, you can use pipeline for free. Additionally there will be 2 paid subscriptions where you have some advantages. You will find out more shortly.

  • Questions for blogger

  • Will there be any costs?

    Indexing the blog is free of charge. Rather, you benefit from the increasing reach as well as the development of new target groups and readers – completely free of charge and without additional effort for you!

  • Can I revoke my consent at any time?

    If for some reason you decide against indexing during the course of our collaboration – which we would of course find very unfortunate – we will of.  However, this can take up to 48 hours.

  • I would like to have my blog removed immediately.

    It is always possible to exclude your blog from indexing. However, this can take up to 48 hours until this is technically implemented. If this is the case, we would be happy about an open exchange why you decided against indexing after all.

  • Which blogs, platforms etc. are still on board and included?
    At pipeline a wide range of topics is addressed and provided with content. Whether sports, lifestyle, living, business and finance or fashion and music: at pipeline, everyone can find exactly the topics and articles that may contain interesting information for them. Accordingly, there are a large number of blogs that contribute to the project – all of them selected so that a high quality of contributions like yours is guaranteed.
  • What target group is the app aimed at?
    Due to the wide range of topics covered by pipeline, the app addresses a particularly large target group. The typical pipeline user is primarily a technophile. The app is aimed at self-responsible people who actively deal with new information and want to exchange and network with other people.
  • How is the commission composed and according to which criteria is it structured?
    The aspect of commission is designed for the medium term and applies to special topics and in the form of articles made available exclusively for pipeline. The conceptual design is nearing completion.
  • Will users who read one of our articles be linked to our site?

    The article itself will then appear on the corresponding blog and as an article in the app pipeline. The users of the app read the article primarily in the app, but can be forwarded to the author’s profile or blog via a link. These links among each other increase the connection as well as the reach, so that all pages benefit from an integration.

  • How is the monetization (e.g. subscriptions, advertising, ...)?
    Work is currently in progress to finalize the monetization concept. Further information will be announced as soon as this is final.
  • To what extent do links in posts still work?
    The indexing of the blog has no influence on the links stored in the posts. These will still be usable.
  • What about the source reference and a link?
    The indexed blog will of course be marked. The author of the post is displayed and highlighted. If you are interested, an example integration can be shown.
  • Does reading the posts affect the performance of my site?

    Indexing your blog at pipeline has no negative impact on your performance. Your blog is always read at night, and this happens so fast that it has no impact on your blog.

    On the contrary, your indexing can have a positive effect on your reach, as it opens up potential new readers and target groups who are convinced of you and your content.

  • If my posts show up in your app are they considered duplicate content?

    No, your posts will not be recognized as duplicate content even if they are displayed on Pipeline.

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