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Sustainable content
Anytime in one place.

Experience informative articles that move your world or broaden your horizons. With pipeline you can find exactly what interests you.

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Individualization of the content

With pipeline you can adjust the complexity and text length of the articles at any time in order to include the information as you need it.

Your magazine, adapted to your reading habits

Discover products

Discover a variety of products from companies and content creators and order conveniently online.

Discover and buy products in the pipeline app

Content that interests you

Tell us what interests you and we will find exactly the content creators who cover your topics.

Choose from topics such as mobility, sports (football, basketball, ...) and more

Follow friends and content creators

Connect with your friends and follow content creators to get inspiration from their topics.

Follow influencers like coupleontour, Udo Bönstrup, Investmentbabos, Made in Bocholt and much more

Collect points

Collect points through small tasks and benefit from free premium content.

Earn points by reading articles and interacting with friends

Dark mode

Decide for yourself how you would like to read your content. Pipeline adapts to your liking.

Enjoy posts, products and people in dark mode on your iPhone or Android smartphone and tablet

All the news from your region

Find out about news and news from editors and journalists in your area in pipeline!

Find out about regional news from your city or region

Features at a glance

All of our functions at a glance.


Whether color scheme, font size or menu items. Design the pipeline as you like!


Topics that you don't want to hear about or that you don't want to prioritize? Specify your interests!


Tell us what interests you. We adapt your magazine according to your specifications.

Local and regional news

What's going on in your city? Find out about all the news about your city or region!


Informed together! Recommend posts, products and people to your friends.


Find out about products from content creators and companies and find products that interest you.


Create your own profile. Show the world who you are and what moves you.


Choose in which language you would like to read or hear your content.

Social network

Interact with friends and content creators. Show the world which topics inspire you!


Whether short or long, complex or simple. We prepare the content as you need it.

Web version

Mobile or in the browser. Always be up to date and inform yourself about your topics!

Your pipeline profile
A contribution in the pipeline app
The start screen of the pipeline app

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